Do you have a real state?

Do you have a web, CRM and millions of Excels?

Do you take too long uploading your properties from your CRM to your Web?

Do you have troubles integrating all your information?

What if I told you that this happens to a lot like you and that we have helped them?


Real State and Real State Promotors

Gain advantage from your competitors by analyzing your clients’ data, your properties sales and find the best market opportunities.

Energy Sector

Integrate the data from diferent solar and eolic plants and analyze what are the best locations and find a way to improve the generated energy.

Trust Chains

Analyze your clients’ purchases in real time, integrate the data from your physical sales with the ones from your online store and get valuable information to gain advantage over your competitors.

How will we do it?

Data Integration

Data integration is a fundamental part of all data centered product. It will merge all data in a distributed database, transforming and storing them to be able to analyze them.

Hidden Information Discovery

By applying machine learning and artificial intelligence technics that information which is harder to see but actually more valuable will be discovered.

Results Report

With our configurable data visualization tool it will be possible to generate reports that will be useful for your company, allowing to create information based strategies.

Our Clients

Prime Invest


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